Pearl Harbor attack

Pearl Harbor attack events

Pearl Harbor attack theories

Pearl Harbor attack

Pearl Harbor attack

Attack on the Pearl Harbor dragged United States into the World War 2. It was the last straw that left Americans no choice but to joins the Allies and declare war on Japan. At least that what it seems.

Japanese space to live - Pearl Harbor attack

Japanese space to live

In 1936 the Japan was making an industrial progress leaving behind the times of the samurai and simple life. But to keep the progress they needed a lot of natural resources that were unavailable on their own islands. The radicals in the army saw the invasion on China a chance to expend the Japanese ...

Events connected with Pearl Harbor attack

The surprise attack - Pearl Harbor attack

The surprise attack

As their plan was moving forward the Japanese saw the American Pacific Fleet as the only threat in the area. The Pacific Fleet consisted of few battleships, 3 airplane carries and several smaller ships. The Japanese navy planned to make a surprise attack on main American base on Pacific, the Pearl H...

Pearl Harbor attack theories

Pretext theory

The often repeated theory about the Pearl Harbor attack suggests that high officials of American government (including president Franklin D. Roosevelt) knew about the Japanese plans and decided not to warn the staff in Hawaii and use this attack as pretext to enter the war. Facts that are support...

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