10 Cloverfield Lane (2016, United States)

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10 Cloverfield Lane  2016 crime mystery movie

Running time: 105 minutes

Language: English

Michelle, young girl, who just broke up with her boyfriend, drives down the rural road during the night when something crashes into her car. When she regains her senses she is no longer in the car - she lies on old mattress with her leg hurting in something that looks like a cellar. She also is handcuffed to a metal pipe on the wall and a drip is attached to her arm. When she knocks down the drip she hears heavy footsteps and a large man enters the room. The kidnapper tells her that she needs the drip to get better and he plans to keep her alive. Soon after he brings her crutches and the key to the handcuffs. She releases her hand and turns one of the crutches into a crude weapon, hides nest to the door and awaits for the man to return. It doesnít seem to happen any time soon, so she sets fire to a piece of cloth and sticks it into air duct. When smoke alarm rings off the man returns and Michelle attacks him, but he manages to overpower her. He tells her she should be thankful that he saved her life, but from behind open doors she can hear some other people...

10 Cloverfield Lane is unusual film for American cinema, at least modern American cinema - it is tense drama between people closed in an underground bunker, where we canít be sure most of the time if what we see is exactly what we think is going on. There is element of mystery, there is element of science fiction, but overall it is a chamber drama (quite literally). Great performances from John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead set up a interesting experience.

Our rating

7.2 / 10

Movie value

8 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Story complexity

4 / 5

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 2016 mystery movie 2016 mystery movie

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Creators of 10 Cloverfield Lane

Dan Trachtenberg films

Dan Trachtenberg


Josh Campbell films

Josh Campbell


Matthew Stuecken films

Matthew Stuecken


Damien Chazelle films

Damien Chazelle


Cast of 10 Cloverfield Lane

John Goodman films

John Goodman

as Howard

Mary Elizabeth Winstead films

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

as Michelle

John Gallagher Jr films

John Gallagher Jr

as Emmett

Suzanne Cryer films

Suzanne Cryer

as woman

 2016 mystery movie 2016 mystery movie 2016 mystery movie 2016 mystery movie

10 Cloverfield Lane quotes

Howard: Have a drink.
Michelle: What is it?
Howard: ...Technically, itís vodka... itís safe, I distilled it myself.
Michelle: [tries some and makes a disgusted face]
Howard: I just said I distilled it, I didnít say anything about it actually tasting good.

Howard: People are strange creatures. You canít always convince them that safety is in their best interest.

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