From Hell (2001, United States)

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From Hell  2001 crime mystery movie

Running time: 120 minutes

Language: English

Locations: the story takes place in LondonCity of London, EnglandUnited Kingdom

Inspector Frederick Abberline has to climb out of the depths of his opium addiction to solve the series of murders in Whitechapel.

American version of Jack the Ripper story is, as could be expected, done without any care about the details and historical facts. Actually it is based on comic book about Jack the Ripper which could explain why it was made with so little accuracy - we see here more of the legends that were surrounding the murders than real events. Also the characters of Frederick Abberline and other policemen are taken straight from imagination of comic book creators and not from history.

Overall - good cast, decent script and none historical value.

Our rating

5.2 / 10

Movie value

5 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Story complexity

3 / 5

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Creators of From Hell

Albert Hughes films

Albert Hughes


Allen Hughes films

Allen Hughes


Alan Moore films

Alan Moore


Eddie Campbell films

Eddie Campbell


Terry Hayes films

Terry Hayes


Rafael Yglesias films

Rafael Yglesias


Cast of From Hell

Johnny Depp films --johnny-depp--

Johnny Depp

as Inspector Frederick Abberline

Robbie Coltrane films --robbie-coltrane--

Robbie Coltrane

as Sergeant Peter Godley

Heather Graham films --heather-graham--

Heather Graham

as Mary Kelly

Ian Holm films --ian-holm--

Ian Holm

as Sir William Gull

Ian Richardson films --ian-richardson--

Ian Richardson

as Sir Charles Warren

Jason Flemyng films --jason-flemyng--

Jason Flemyng

as Netley

Susan Lynch films --susan-lynch--

Susan Lynch

as Elizabeth Stride

Lesley Sharp films --lesley-sharp--

Lesley Sharp

as Catherine Eddowes

Annabelle Apsion films --annabelle-apsion--

Annabelle Apsion

as Mary Ann Nichols

Joanna Page films --joanna-page--

Joanna Page

as Ann Crook

Katrin Cartlidge films --katrin-cartlidge--

Katrin Cartlidge

as Dark Annie Chapman

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