Ocean’s Twelve (2004, United States)

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Ocean’s Twelve  2004 crime mystery movie

Running time: 125 minutes

Language: English

Locations: the story takes place in AmsterdamNorth HollandNetherlands

Terry Benedict, owner of 3 casinos that were robbed by Daniel Ocean team, tracks down each member of the Oceanís Eleven. But his intentions are different from what they expected - he does not plan to kill them, he demands his money back plus interest. Ocean and Rusty organize a heist that would help them to get some money and delay the payment to Benedict. They all travel to Amsterdam, where their next target is located - an eccentric art collector, who never leaves his well protected house. The job is far more complicated than they thought and at the end a big surprise awaits them. They managed to reach the safe, they managed to open it... or rather they found it already open and empty. The only thing inside is small statue of a fox a note from a burglar that calls himself Night Fox. While they try to figure out what exactly went wrong and how this Night Fox was able to outsmart them another bit of bad luck struck them - Isabel Lahiri, that Rusty met some time ago, finds them in the hotel room. The problem is Isabel is high rank Interpol officer and from that point she is convinced that Danny Ocean and the rest of Americans were behind the heist. Soon Rusty finds some info about Night Fox and it is not good news for them...

Sequel to Oceanís Eleven was made 3 years after its predecessor and almost everything was changed comparing to first movie - the style, the pace, the concept. To make it worse all those changes went into completely wrong direction - the script lacked pace, lacked complexity, lacked freshness and overall was rather poor (f.e. the tragically poorly developed scene aboard the train). The cast did their best, but with poor script there wasnít much they could have done. It is like The Godfather 2 compared to original The Godfather - quite similar, but so much worse.

Our rating

4.4 / 10

Movie value

4 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

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 2004 mystery movie 2004 mystery movie

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Creators of Ocean’s Twelve

Steven Soderbergh films

Steven Soderbergh


George Nolfi films

George Nolfi


Cast of Ocean’s Twelve

George Clooney films

George Clooney

as Danny Ocean

Brad Pitt films

Brad Pitt

as Rusty Ryan

Julia Roberts films --julia-roberts--

Julia Roberts

as Tess Ocean

Catherine Zeta-Jones films --catherine-zeta-jones--

Catherine Zeta-Jones

as Isabel Lahiri

Andy Garcia films --andy-garcia--

Andy Garcia

as Terry Benedict

Casey Affleck films --casey-affleck--

Casey Affleck

as Virgil Malloy

Scott Caan films --scott-caan--

Scott Caan

as Turk Malloy

Shaobo Qin films --shaobo-qin--

Shaobo Qin

as Yen

Bernie Mac films --bernie-mac--

Bernie Mac

as Frank Catton

Don Cheadle films --don-cheadle--

Don Cheadle

as Basher Tarr

Matt Damon films --matt-damon--

Matt Damon

as Linus Caldwell

Carl Reiner films

Carl Reiner

as Saul Bloom

Eddie Jemison films --eddie-jemison--

Eddie Jemison

as Livingston Dell

Elliott Gould films

Elliott Gould

as Reuben Tishkoff

Robbie Coltrane films --robbie-coltrane--

Robbie Coltrane

as Matsui

Vincent Cassel films --vincent-cassel--

Vincent Cassel

as Francois Toulour

Eddie Izzard films --eddie-izzard--

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as Roman Nagel

Albert Finney films

Albert Finney

as Gaspar LeMarque

Bruce Willis films --bruce-willis--

Bruce Willis

as Bruce Willis

 2004 mystery movie 2004 mystery movie 2004 mystery movie 2004 mystery movie 2004 mystery movie 2004 mystery movie

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