Roswell (1994, United States)

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Roswell  1994 crime mystery movie

Running time: 90 minutes

Language: English

During a reunion of a military nuclear bomb unit Major Jesse Marcel recalls the events that took place 30 years earlier near small town known as Roswell, Texas. Local farmer found strange pieces of metal on his field and called the nearby airforce unit. What the military personel found on his ranch was something unknown... at least unknown on Earth.

Film based on facts and myths around the Roswell crash (but mostly myths). The plot is set around the officers that picked up the pieces of unknown metal and later were told by their superiors that officialy it was a weather baloon. But there were other witnesses and the film presents the stories of several different person. The film isn’t very subtle and pushes the plot far into the realm of fantasy, but on the other hand presents all the weak points of official explanations.

Our rating

5.2 / 10

Movie value

5 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Story complexity

3 / 5

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Creators of Roswell

Jeremy Kagan films

Jeremy Kagan


Arthur Kopit films

Arthur Kopit


Cast of Roswell

Kyle MacLachlan films --kyle-maclachlan--

Kyle MacLachlan

as Jesse Marcel

Martin Sheen films --martin-sheen--

Martin Sheen

as Townsend

Dwight Yoakam films --dwight-yoakam--

Dwight Yoakam

as Mac Brazel

Xander Berkeley films --xander-berkeley--

Xander Berkeley

as Sherman Carson

Bob Gunton films --bob-gunton--

Bob Gunton

as Frank Joyce

Peter MacNicol films --peter-macnicol--

Peter MacNicol

as Lewis Rickett

John M. Jackson films --john+m.-jackson--

John M. Jackson

as Colonel Blanchard

Kim Greist films --kim-greist--

Kim Greist

as Vy Marcel

Lisa Waltz films --lisa-waltz--

Lisa Waltz

as Janet Foss

Philip Baker Hall films --philip-baker+hall--

Philip Baker Hall

as Roswell General

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