The Disappearing Illusionist (2015, Norway)

Original title: Dirk Ohm - Illusjonisten som forsvant

mysterious disappearancepolice investigation

The Disappearing Illusionist Dirk Ohm - Illusjonisten som forsvant 2015 crime mystery movie

Running time: 90 minutes

Language: English

German illusionist Greg Ohm tours in the rural part of Norway and performs in small hotels. His car was found on the snow covered road near town of Grong, he was inside and had to be taken to the hospital due to hypothermia risk. While leaving the hospital he realizes that he does not really remember what actually happened to him. He picks up his car from police parking lot and heads for the hotel. Local radio station concentrates on the latest news about the missing Grong resident, young girl called Maria. Ohm performs in the local hotel, where he is approached by Maria’s mother, who hopes he will use his supernatural powers to help find the missing girl. He tries to explain to her that he is just illusionist and has no supernatural powers, but on her insistence he agrees to join the search party in the morning. The search reveals no further informations on fate of Maria, but later Dirk begins to experience visions or dreams of the girl. In those moments he sees them together as a couple having some sort of crisis. Soon local police begins to check how Dirk reached their town and have he been here before.

Norwegian mystery movie filmed in the winter countryside, in small town and tight community where everyone knows everyone else. Despite the impressive landscapes the atmosphere of the movie is engaging with poetic soundtrack and vast empty surroundings of Grong. Original script and very good performance from August Diehl make this movie an noteworthy production.

Our rating

6.8 / 10

Movie value

8 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Story complexity

3 / 5

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 2015 mystery movie 2015 mystery movie

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Creators of The Disappearing Illusionist

Bobbie Peers films

Bobbie Peers


Bjorn Olaf Johannessen films

Bjorn Olaf Johannessen


Cast of The Disappearing Illusionist

August Diehl films --august-diehl--

August Diehl

as Dirk Ohm

Sara Hjort Ditlevsen films --sara-hjort+ditlevsen--

Sara Hjort Ditlevsen

as Maria

Alexandra Rapaport films --alexandra-rapaport--

Alexandra Rapaport

as Maria’s mother

Jorgen Langhelle films --jorgen-langhelle--

Jorgen Langhelle

as Maria’s father

Ingvar Eggert Sigurdsson films --ingvar+eggert-sigurdsson--

Ingvar Eggert Sigurdsson

as police officer

Siri Schnell Juvik films --siri-schnell+juvik--

Siri Schnell Juvik

as hotel receptionist

 2015 mystery movie 2015 mystery movie 2015 mystery movie

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