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Black Dahlia Murder

Black Dahlia Murder

The famous ans still unsolved murder that took place in California - young woman, aspiring to be an actress was found dead on the empty lot in Los Angeles.

Leimert Park - Black Dahlia Murder

Leimert Park

On Janury 14, 1947 a woman named Betty Bersinger walked with her 3-year-old daighter down the South Norton Avenue in Leimert Park area of Los Angeles. On the vacant lot she saw something that looked like abandoned store mannequin. When she looked closer it looked like broken store mannequin, but soo...

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Elizabeth Short - Black Dahlia Murder

Elizabeth Short

The victim, later gaining the press nickname Black Dahlia, was Elizabeth Short. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1924, she was the third of five daughters of Cleo Short and Phoebe Mae Sawyer. Her father built miniature golf courses until the 1929 stock market crash, in which he lost much ...

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The Black Dahlia

2006, United States

Theory behind the infamous and unsolved case of Black Dahlia.

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