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Death of Isidor Fink

Death of Isidor Fink

Isidor Fink was one of the many imigrants from Poland that came to America in the beginning of 20th century in search of better life. His dreams, just like many others, were never fulfilled, but one thing did put him in the history books - the way he died.

Locked room mystery

On the night of March 9, 1929 neighbours saw Isidor Fink returning home around 10:15 PM after delivering laundry to his clients. About 15 minutes later they heard screams from the room where Isidor Fink lived. One of the neighbours brought a policeman who was on patrol nearby to check what happened,...

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Isidor Fink

Isidor Fink was Polish Jew, who in the beginning of 20th century moved to United States. He settled in New York City, 4 East 132nd Street where he opened his laundry business called Fifth Avenue Laundry. He lived in the rooms attached to the laundry, where he was found dead on the night of March 9, ...

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Urban legend theory

The story was covered in The New York Times March 10 and 11, 1929, also there are police records about the murder and since 1920s it was copied into many books and articles (sometimes with slightly different details) it is justified to consider if the story isnít just another urban legend (although ...

Murder theory

Since the suicide theory was rather unlikely explanation (since the weapon was missing) the police suspected murder. There were two theories: a small man entered through the transom and left the same way or someone shot Fink through the transom without entering the apartment at all. Facts that a...

Suicide theory

Since the entry into the apartment was impossible, or rather almost impossible, the police was obviously suspecting suicide. Facts that are supporting the theory: - all the doors and windows were closed from the inside there was no way (almost no way) for anyone to enter and leave the...

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Gun silencers don't actually silence guns except on tv. They do change the sound and make it hard to pinpoint where it's coming from. You can see videos of what gun silencers sound like on YouTube. So that's probably not the explanation for why a gun wasn't heard.
Anonymous (16-05-2017 08:50:51)