Hwaseong serial killer

Hwaseong serial killer events

Hwaseong serial killer theories

Hwaseong serial killer

Hwaseong serial killer

First case of serial killings in history of South Korea that triggered the huge investigation in the area of Hwaseong City - over 20,000 suspects were taken under consideration.

Modus operandi

All of the victims were attacked in the rural area, in secluded places, all of them were attacked after dark. All of this would suggest someone who knows the area well since he knew were to attack and not be seen or heard, also he knew the area well enough to move in the dark. All of the attacks ...

Events connected with Hwaseong serial killer

The killings

The killings in the area of Hwaseong City started on 15 September 1986 when among the rice fields a body of a young woman was found. She was bound with her own clothing, raped and strangled. When soon after another woman killed in a same way was found nearby the police realized that they have a seri...

Hwaseong serial killer theories

Why did he stopped?

Although the 15-year statute of limitations for the tenth murder expired in April 2006 the South Korean police keeps this case open and even there is a plan to extend the statute of limitations so the killer still could be convicted. But since 3rd April 1991 the killer did made another attack (at le...

Films, games and books about Hwaseong serial killer

Memories of Murder


Salinui chueok

2003, South Korea

Serial killer operates in the Korean province of Gyunggi - the local police isnít ready to deal with what they will discover. Based on a true story.

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